Dr. Oz Admits: "Chocolate Power" Toothpaste Really Just Chocolate

Dr. Oz, the popular TV surgeon, admits that his Chocolate Power Toothpaste really wasn't that effective. Read about his excuse for it and the easy solution he offers.

Dr. Oz, the famous cardiothoracic surgeon turned TV doctor, who recently amazed America with his latest book “Lose Tons of Weight By Driving Like Crazy”, is now in a less-than-positive spotlight for promotion of a dental hygiene product in 2015.

In an episode last June, Dr. Oz launched his new Chocolate Power Toothpaste product line, claiming that he had discovered the “natural healing and cleansing powers of chocolate”. In the episode, which became the best-viewed of the show, Dr. Oz introduced flavors such as “Chopped Hazelnut Floss”, “White Chocolate Brightener”, and “Creamy Milk Polish”. Under the slogan “The Toothpaste You’re Gonna Love”, the products became instant bestsellers at drugstores and supermarkets, replacing many shelves with chocolate products.

However, users of the Chocolate Power Toothpaste are now threatening Dr. Oz with a class-action lawsuit, claiming that the sweet toothpaste is causing many cavities, fast weight gain, cacao-breath, and brownish teeth. “It’s just crazy. People keep using more and more but it’s like it only makes things worse”, summarized spokeswoman Shanice Oswald the complaints.

Dr. Oz responded in a special episode of his show, blaming a “misunderstanding” with the Indian factory that produced the toothpaste. “You should now, that guy had a pretty heavy accent. I told him to put in fluoride, really”, he defended himself to the booing crowd.

The doctor immediately revealed a solution for those affected. “Don’t worry folks! All you need to do is switch to my Original Dr. Oz Zero-Sugar Toothpaste. 40% off, just today!”, he ended the episode. He could not be reached for comments, while being chased out of Cleveland by protesters.

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