Trump Physician Apologizes For Prescribing Wrong Drugs, And Other News Last Week

Trump's physician apologizes for prescribing wrong drugs, and other news last week, in 10 convenient headlines.

For everyone who wasn’t paying attention last week, here are all the major headlines you missed.

Trump Physician Apologizes For Prescribing Wrong Drugs Since June Last Year

North Korea Desperate For Media Attention, Shows Kim Jong-un On Stage In Strip Club

GOP Sick of Trump, Now Pushing Taylor Swift, Beyoncé To Run As Independent

Congress Finally Signs Off On Parking Regulations for Oversized Spaceships

Iranian Flying Carpet Industry Booming After Lifted Trade Embargo

Man Refuses To Leave Airplane, Luggage Still Stuck In Overhead Bin After 6 Hours

HHS Warns Of Clinics Using Meat-Eating Plants For Budget Liposuction

500 Euro Bill Killed Off, 501 Euro Bill Much More Popular

Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Dumped By Followers After Revealing Usage of Beard Extension

Jacob Zuma Denies Corruption Charges, Pisses Off South Africa With MTV Cribs Appearance

Really, that’s all you need to know.

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Pornstar Candidate Breaks Up Presidential Race, Trump Drops Out

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Read The Signs: Why The Fed Is About To Increase The Interest Rate Big Time

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Apple Inc. Triples Dividend, Tired of Mountains of Cash

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FEC: Super PACs No Longer Allowed To Make Movies About Presidential Candidates

After the recent release of promotional movies for several presidential candidates, the Federal Election Commission is now outlawing production of such movies.