Pornstar Candidate Breaks Up Presidential Race, Trump Drops Out

With the Iowa caucus in sight, the presidential race has been shaken up by a new and hugely popular pornstar candidate, causing frontrunner Donald Trump to drop out.

Just when it seemed that Donald Trump was on his way to clinch the nomination as Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, or finally admit this was all just a prank, the race has once more taken a dramatic turn.

Speaking at her campaign kick-off event last Sunday in Reseda, former pornstar Carmen Luvana proudly announced to her entry as a Republican candidate, dressed in her trademark American flag bikini. “It’s easy. I have a lot of experience with men, I’m great with the media,  and I know a lot of positions… about political stuff, you know”, she summarized her strong points.

The press event was well attended, with many journalists lining up outside the building, although most seemed to leave after reaching the stand with the free promotional video. A rally on Tuesday in the Staples Center in downtown L.A. was also drawing a huge crowd with a surprising speech. “Ohh.. can’t you feel it? The economy is getting crazy hot!”, she told the ecstatic audience as she stripped out of her office dress. “People, I’m gonna make it work in Washington – let me show you, this is how you reach across the aisle!”, she continued while demonstrating her flexible attitude vividly.

Fox News immediately published a statement on Wednesday announcing Ms. Luvana would be getting a private show on the network. “Carmen is absolutely amazing. I have all her videos”, commented Fox CEO Roger Ailes in a segment on the network. “We’ll be providing in-depth coverage of her… campaign”, he added.

For others, Carmen’s entry is nothing short of a disaster. Donald Trump, widely considered a strong contender for the nomination so far, dropped out almost immediately after Tuesday’s rally. “Not a fair fight anymore. Can’t concentrate with boobs like that around. Running out of tissues here”, he tweeted late that night.

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